IMG_1820 CWhat is Explore Houston Arts about. Just as it says. We explore the artists and galleries in Houston art community.We do this by having a lot of fun! It is very personal and you learn about Houston art community. We have small groups that I take to the galleries and studios in Houston. I have been in the art business for 30 years. I did have a gallery in Houston in the 80’s-90’s. Now I am doing the tours for people that want to know more about Houston’s arts. 

Now I’ve turned my focus to educating the next generation of art lovers in Houston. By hosting small, intimate gatherings at select galleries, I can impart what I have learned in the art world.

What makes it art?   Will it gain value over time?

How do I start my own collection to stand the test of time?

All these questions and more we will explore in the galleries with the owners and artists and afterwards in a more leisurely setting at a wine bar.

If you love art, or want to find out more about art in Houston, start here and find out the fun you can have here by joining this group.

Then join me as we Explore Houston Arts together


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