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Each evening we will Explore 2 galleries, speaking with the gallery owner (and artist if they are in town) about the show and the history of the artist. 

We will meet at the first gallery at 6:30p and head over to the second gallery an hour later. If time allows will end the evening at a local wine bar where we can discuss our impressions and I can answer any of your questions in-depth and in comfort of good company and good wine.


       Free First Tour!

       Dues 5 months $50 or

      $100 for a year membership


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Please Note: I keep my sessions small to better serve you, if the session is already filled and you are unable to book your place, I’d be happy to put you on my ‘First Invite’ list for the next session.

We will use our own cars to drive from location to location except for special events.

Update: If you are unable to attend one evening, you will be able to make up an evening in a future session.