IMG_1820 CAlways a developer and self starter, I have been an entrepreneur through the years and developed my own businesses.

In Houston, from 1981-1998, I pioneered a new movement that was developing at that time. It was called the “Contemporary Studio Glass” movement. This proved a new concept in the gallery business, as I was one of the first five galleries in the United States. I had returned to school to study art at the University of Houston. I wrote a paper about glass at the turn of the century in Europe
I had always been interested in antique glass. At the time I read an article in American Craft magazine about a new movement in the glass field. It gave a story about two guys in Detroit, Michigan that had a gallery there and was showing Glass. So, I flew up to see it. When I walked into the gallery I was amazed at the beauty of what was before my eyes. I immediately feel in love with it.
Returned home and started my business.

At first no one knew what was going on. But the movement grew fast and Harvey Littleton started the first class in glass making at the University of Wisconsin. Galleries opened across the
US and the young glass makers were in business. Littleton just passed away this December at the age of 91 years old. He will always be remember as the starter of the beginning of the glass movement.

I also developed nonprofit seminars to educate the public about the Studio Glass Movement. I brought artists in from all over the states and some from Europe to lecture at seminars. These seminars were once a year in conjunction with the show in the gallery, which were glass artists for all over the US and Europe. The gallery was very popular and I enjoyed the public and seeing how people viewed the new art. Major collections have been developed and museums are part of the collectors.

I closed the gallery in 1998 and moved to Santa Fe, NM where I lived for 13 years.

Now I’m back home in Texas and I have turned my focus to educating the next generation of art lovers in Houston, by hosting small, intimate gatherings at select galleries.

What makes it art? Will it gain value over time?
How do I start my own collection to stand the test of time?

All these questions and more we will explore in the galleries with the owners and artists. Sometime we gather afterwards for a glass of wine in a wine bar and talked about the evening.

If you love art, but never knew how to get started truly appreciating what you are looking at, If you ever wondered which openings and galleries will keep you on the cutting edge of art, If you wanted to collect but never knew where to start,

Then join me as we Explore Houston Arts together,



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